The services that SETEX CONSULTING INTERNATIONAL provides to his business partners has the scope of offering information related to the export opportunity of the products / services on the target market.

In order to define the launching strategy of a product / service on a new market, the first stage consist in establishing the level of attractively of the market and assessing of the available domestic resources.

We recommend you to design a pre-fezability which will show honestly and realistic the chances of launching of a product / service on a new market. The target of the provided service is to save money and time for the export companies.

The provided services in this field are the following:

  • Investigations regarding the honesty and capabilities of your potential business partners;
  • Identification of the export market that are suitable for the product / services provided by your company;
  • Identification of business partners from the target market (commercial agencies, representatives and sales);
  • Assistance in negotiation for concluding the commercial contracts with foreign partners;
  • Identification of the efficient distribution channels from the target market;
  • Assistance in homologations and authentification of the provided products / services;
  • Studies designing regarding the export price strategy of the provided product / service;
  • Identification of the suitable advertising strategy;
  • Establishment of the marketing mix for the provided products / services;
  • Identification of the advertisement events on the respective field;
  • Manufacture of products used in advertisement.