In order to meet the developing needs of the medium and small enterprises SETEX CONSULTING INTERNATIONAL could delivery all types of products with advertisement applications, exhibitions, fairs and why not the redecoration of your shop window or store through thermoplastic system.

A small quantity of our products is to be seen in our products CATALOGUE which you can download by click on this link. We did not specify the size of products because these will be suited to your requirements.

SETEX CONSULTING INTERNATIONAL has been satisfying the quality requirements of its customers for more then seven years and our experience in production of Plexiglas products has brought us a lot of clients.

The diversity and the existing competition on the advertisement industry market as well as the need of  new clients' attraction involve a continuous specialization. Due to these, our products are becoming more and more unique. However, the most important orders are for mass production.

Among the mass production visualized in our virtual shop we could enumerate all types of acrylic displays in jewelry, phone, electronic items, advertisements folders, textile, food and so on.

Quality and exceptional prices

Our products are produced exclusively in Romania being executed at a high quality and a special price that will not affect you budget available for the acquisition of these products.

Fast quotation service and prompt reply

This is another positive aspect of SETEX CONSULTING INTERNATIONAL service includes a free of charge consulting the characteristics of the raw material, the suggestion of the shape of product in order to better enhance your goods, execution of samples ( with the agreement that there will be enough time between the date of order and delivery), all these according to your available budget.

If you want that the products to be executed after you designs we assure that you will obtain a fast and profitable quotation because we wish to be a strategic partner regarding your orders in acrylic products.