OPTICAL CLARITY: Acrylite products provide excellent light transmission and do not yellow after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

WEATHER RESISTANCE: Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow will damage signs made from this plastic. Its durability enables it to maintain its original appearance and color despite heat, cold, sunlight and humidity.

IMPACT RESISTANCE: Acrylite plastic sheet is significantly more shatter resistant than glass and also comes in a special bullet-resisting thickness.

LIGHT WEIGHT: Despite its superior strength and durability, this plastic sheet is 50% lighter than glass and only 40% the weight of aluminum.

EASY TO WORK WITH: Laser cut, saw cut, drill, rout, thermoform, paint or screen print it. With Acrylite sheet the possibilities are unlimited.

UV LIGHT RESISTANCE: Colorless acrylic plastic sheet resists the degradation caused by ultraviolet light and comes with a 10- year limited warranty against yellowing and loss of light transmission.

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Acrylic sheet strongly resists many chemicals including ammonia, dilute acids and aliphatic hydrocarbons.

DIMENSIONAL STABILITY: Construction detailing is easy with acrylic sheet's predictable tolerances. Some shrinkage does occur during heating before forming, Acrylic sheet is reliably stable after thermoforming up to 195 degrees farenheight. One very important advantage of using Acrylic sheet is its consistently reliable and workable molecular weight. It is essential that acrylic sheet have a consistent molecular weight below 2 million moles per gram average. Acrylic sheet with a higher molecular weight does not have the desired formability, cementability, weatherability, coatability, combustability and purity characteristics. Some imported cast acrylic sheets have molecular weights approaching 3.5 million and contain up to 3% unreacted products. Acrylic sheets are known for their strong solvent-cemented bonds, their ease of fabrication and their purity brought about by consistent molecular weight and very low levels of unreacted products. With all of this in mind, you can be sure you are using the very best available material. Acrylic sheet gives you dependable and consistent quality.

CLEANING : To clean acrylic sheet, use a mild soap and water solution. Wipe with a soft cloth.

STORAGE: Store masked acrylic sheets away from direct sunlight and heat. Exposure may make clean removal of masking difficult.